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Re: Question: Do you have the time to be DPL?

Matthew Wilcox wrote:
Given the DPL's role involves a fair amount of travel, speaking, giving
interviews to the press, etc, do you think that you will have sufficient
time to do a good job as DPL given your other commitments to Debian?

I expect so -- in the worst case, all of my other commitments to Debian can be and have been covered by others as necessary, whether by other members of the team (such as ftpmaster and debbugs) or by assistants/co-maintainers (such as debootstrap and, in the past, my RM work), or by random other people (whether NMUs or workarounds like http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/).

> How do you see your other responsibilities within Debian suffering as
> a result of you being elected DPL?

I don't think this is a zero-sum game, and I hope that as DPL I'd be able to make it easier for other people to contribute too. One of the more important tasks of leadership, in my opinion, is making sure the people you're trying to lead grow and improve in their skills and areas of responsibility too.

Why is Debian better served by having
you as DPL rather than in your current role?

I don't think that's really for me to say -- I've indicated what I plan to work on, it's really for everyone else to judge whether that's a good thing or not.


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