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Re: Q for Andreas Schuldei: "Small teams"??

also sprach Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> [2005.03.10.1318 +0100]:
> ok, test your theory and point out individuals engaging in
> flamewars who are part of debian-edu, debian-installer or the
> release team, preferably on a regular basis.

I am not denying that the three teams you mention are very
productive and share a very friendly environment. All I am saying is
that this won't automatically be portable to the rest of Debian per
your "let's make everyone want to skinny dip in small groups"

I think it's a good idea nonetheless, addresses the problem of
Debian being a "bazaar of cathedrals," and generally formalises
a trend that has been noticeable over the past years (encouraging
co-maintenance, alioth, ...). I think you should probably provide
a little more detail on how you plan to make it possible. In
particular, how do you intend to deal with those maintainers who are
not interested in working with anyone?

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