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Re: Q for Andreas Schuldei: "Small teams"??

Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> wrote:
> You are invited to clarify on the "small teams" section of your
> platform. [...]

I understood it as similar to what I call the "magnificent seven"
models being advocated by consensus-based grassroots groups
recently. I don't know whether I was right and I'll read any
replies with interest.  One point:

> Will anybody ever, in any context, get told: "You will have to route
> that request through your team leader"?

It's actually pointless to put it quite like that in a small
team consensus structure. There's nothing to be gained from
obstruction rather than a straight refusal: both can "use up"
goodwill done badly. I think it's more likely it will be "we're
uninterested: is another group willing to do it?"

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