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Questions for all candidates re: interpersonal behavior

Assume the demarcated hypothetical scenario to be true for the questions
which follow.

I spend the next several hours sending Andrew Suffield chain letters
that say "if you don't fix tla by Thursday, your liver will transform
into mascarpone."  I send these emails without making use of Debian
infrastructure, so as to not violate the DMUP.  Andrew buries his face
in a pillow and cries until Saturday, at which point he realizes that
his liver is normal.  Fuming with rage, he then declares to his
favorite stuffed animal that, henceforth, he will ignore any bug I file.
Furthermore, he will ignore any bug that anyone else files on tla, and
will refuse to do any work on tla.  He does not announce this publicly,
but his stuffed animal leaks this information to a select few other
developers, and the rumor makes its way to the DPL.  When others offer
to NMU tla, he informs them that it is his package and they must keep
their grubby little paws away from it.

Is any of this Debian's business?  If so, which parts?  What is the role
of the DPL in such a situation?

How would the answers to the previous three questions be different if
either Andrew or I were a DPL delegate or an NM applicant?

Should there be rules codified to address any of the actions in the
aforementioned scenario?  Should there be rules codified to address any
interpersonal behavior not mentioned in said scenario?

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