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Re: Red-tops, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

Scripsit Joel Aelwyn <fenton@debian.org>

> Oooh! So the fact that I've shown up in it a few times means I'm part of
> the Cabal now?

No, not by a large margin. I have a cabalometric experiment at
The rules: Each time DWN links to a mailing list post by you, you get
1000 brainshare points. Each time a new issue comes out, your score is
multiplied by 0.96 and rounded down to an integer. This will make all
of your 1000 points go away in two years if you don't replenish them.

The list shows everybody who has more than 1000 points. You are not
among them (except if my DWN-parsing script is broken), but MJ himself
currently has 2661 points and a ranking of #30.

The real inner-sanctum cabal of course consists of those who have
ranked #1 at some time in DWN's publishing history. It consists of
Ben Collins, Marcus Brinkmann, Brian White, Wichert Akkerman, Ian
Jackson, Joey Hess, Jason Gunthorpe, Martin Schulze, Richard Braakman,
Anthony Towns, Branden Robinson and Steve Langasek.

One could do similar computations with other multipliers than 0.96.
The lower the multiplier, the more different people will have been #1
sometime. One might estimate the probability that somebody is actually
in the cabal as the highest multiplier that lands him in the inner
sanctum. My own cabalicity is 59 %. :-)

> I really have to wonder what you'd have to do or who you'd have to annoy
> to get blacklisted from DWN.

Indeed, who'd have thought that, say, Anthony and Branden would be
co-leaders of the same cabal?

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                                                  når der står et par nymfer
                                     i tyl og trikot i den lysegrønne skov!"

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