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Re: Question for candidate Lees

At Fri, 4 Mar 2005 01:44:32 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> First, I know that you didn't get a platform to Manoj before his deadline,
> and that he has not been in a position to post web updates since then.  Do
> you have a platform that you could post to the list to tell us about
> yourself as a candidate?

Yes, that deadline arrived a little too quickly for me unfortunately.
I'm putting together a platform document that I hope to get to Manoj
(and post here) in the next few days.

> Second, in talking with your fellow local developers, it seems that they
> think very highly of you.  Unfortunately -- and quite surprisingly to me in
> someone standing for the position of DPL -- you don't seem to be very well
> known by the rest of the project.  You seem to be an infrequent poster to
> Debian lists, and do not hold any delegate positions according to
> <http://www.debian.org/intro/organization>.
> I imagine you've already considered that not being well known may hurt your
> chances in an election; but I wanted to ask you why you think that
> developers *should* vote for a DPL candidate who doesn't appear to have
> distinguished himself in the project.  Why should we want you to lead us,
> rather than wanting you to just continue to maintain your packages (which
> you seem to do a very good job of)?

This is absolutely the primary hurdle to my being elected.

I address this in some length in my (in progress) platform, but it
basically boils down to: I believe I am the most suitable person for
the job, in some part *because* of my independence from any previous
issues.  I have the skills actually required for being DPL, I just
lack familiarity.

To expand a little, I see the relevant qualities being public speaking
ability, experience being a Debian Developer and the right personality
for dealing with people inside and outside the project.

 - Gus

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