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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections

Don Armstrong wrote:
On Sun, 06 Feb 2005, Helen Faulkner wrote:

Debian Project Secretary wrote:

I hereby invite volunteers for the debate chair and panelists;
these volunteers shall be responsible for setting the rules for
the debate and selecting the questions for the candidates.

I am happy to volunteer to either chair the debate or to be a
panelist for it.

What is the current status of the debate preparations?

The current status is that I and Martin Krafft will be chairing the debate, and a couple of people have offered to help out as panelists or whatever. We have not worked out the exact format or timing of the debate yet, but will be doing so soon.

If more assistance is needed, I'd be glad to serve as a panelist or
whatever is needed.

Thanks for the offer :) We will very probably be needing people to help out, though I'm not sure how many we will need. Martin and I will get in touch with you soon about that.


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