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DPL election IRC Debate - Call for questions

Hi All,

As you probably know, the 2005 Debian Project Leader elections will
involve an IRC debate, to be chaired by Martin Krafft and myself.

The exact format and time of the debate have not been finalised, though
the debate will obviously be held during the campaign period (ie before
March 21st) and the format will probably be broadly similar to those in
previous years.  The details will be finalised soon and announced to
this list.

We would therefore like to call for suggestions for questions to be put
to the candidates during the debate.  We hope to be able to choose a set
of questions which reflect the concerns and interests of Debian
Developers in general.

You are welcome to either post suggested questions to this list, or to
email myself and/or Martin privately with your suggestions.  If you wish
your questions to be anonymous, please email us privately and make that



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