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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections

Debian Project Secretary wrote:

>         I would like to have a chair for the panelists, and hand off
>  the actual selection of other panelists (who may or may not be debian
>  developers) and running the debate to the chair (to minimize any hint
>  of collusion with current office holders, including me).  I hereby
>  invite volunteers for the debate chair and panelists; these
>  volunteers shall be responsible for setting the rules for the debate
>  and selecting the questions for the candidates.

I am happy to volunteer to either chair the debate or to be a panelist
for it.

It isn't clear to me whether the chair must be a developer or not.  I'm
in NM at the moment, so if you require a developer for the chair, then
I'll just volunteer to be a panelist, should the chair think me suitable :)


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