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Re: DFSG#10

* Tore Anderson

 >   To be able to make the distinction, one would also have to forget about
 >  the mathematical fact that "100%" refer to the whole thing, alternatively
 >  concede that we have always violated the social contract by distributing
 >  "copyrighted works distributable in digital form" (which are not
 >  "software").

* Raul Miller

 > The whole what?

  Well, "Debian".  Read on..

* Tore Anderson

 >   For Debian to be "100% Free Software", it first must be "100% Software",
 >  right?
 >   I'm entirely willing to be educated where I'm wrong.

* Raul Miller

 > If Debian is 100% software, does that mean developers can't be a part of
 > Debian?  What about mirror servers?  What about mailing lists?  What about
 > passwords?  What about licenses?  What about printed materials?  etc.
 > Are these not parts of Debian?  Are they 100% software?

  Because of the requirement of being Free Software, I think it rather
 far-fetched to think of "Debian" as "Debian, the project" in this context.
 "Debian, the operating system distribution" fits much better - it's the only
 thing that makes sense to me, at least.

 > One issue here is that "Debian" is an adjective, and you have to dub
 > in the noun.

  Ah, that's probably it.  That's one way of reading it I hadn't considered.
 I considered "Debian" to be the noun, and still do, but at least this makes
 sense, logically speaking.  Thanks.

 > Also, unfortunately, there was quite a bit of rhetoric aimed against
 > people -- which probably made some of those people a bit shy about
 > expressing their views.   [Personally, I think rhetoric aimed against
 > people is wrong -- if the people in question are wrong about something
 > then it's much more useful to address what they are saying, and the
 > underlying issues.]

  No disagreement here.

 > You undoubtably know this already, but:
 > If you like none of the proposals, you can of course propose your own.
 > Or, if it's not clear to you what you should propose, you can vote for
 > further discussion if the vote is held before you've made up your mind.

  I wouldn't know how to word such a proposal, sadly.  Fortunately Graham
 Wilson just pointed me to Bill Allombert's proposal which I think fits
 the bill.

Tore Anderson

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