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Re: Proposal to modify DFSG

I couldn't agree with this more.

On the binary kernel drivers issue, well maybe....

But specifically on the issues of documentation and licenses, it's 
patently obvious that this isn't "software" and shouldn't be treated as 
such. You can't go around randomly modifying RFCs and the GPL. That's 
the whole point of them. And yet, because you can't, they don't satisfy 
part of the DFSG, and thus must be removed? If this is what the DFSG 
actually means, then I believe it's past time to alter it. And if the 
Debian developers would rather amputate their arms than alter the DFSG 
as needed, then perhaps it's time to share governance of the Debian 
Project with _users_.

Continuing in this direction is going to lose Debian users. Instead of 
the vibrant Debian community, you're going to get the vibrant Mepis 
community or the vibrant Xandros community. No one will use Debian 
directly. It will only be the chassis upon which other distros are 

But then again, maybe the developers don't care if this happens.


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