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Re: Proposal to modify DFSG

On Thu, 13 May 2004 01:06:41 -0400, Paul M Foster <paulf@quillandmouse.com> said: 

> I couldn't agree with this more.  On the binary kernel drivers
> issue, well maybe....

> But specifically on the issues of documentation and licenses, it's
> patently obvious that this isn't "software" and shouldn't be treated

	Patently obvious to whom? To me, computer related entities
 can be divided into three categories: Hardware, Software, and
 wetware: and  documentation and licenses fall into software, by
 elimination, if nothing else.

> as such. You can't go around randomly modifying RFCs and the
> GPL.

	But I can create derivative documents from RFC's, as long as
 I do not claim it is the RFC itself. I have, thus, usefully modified
 the RFC, and renamed it in the process.  I should be able to create
 Manoj's clarified version of RFC 2822, and call it obfulgum, if I

> That's the whole point of them.

	While I do not say modification is the whole point, I do aver
 that it is a useful freedom.

> And yet, because you can't, they don't satisfy part of the DFSG, and
> thus must be removed? If this is what the DFSG actually means, then
> I believe it's past time to alter it. And if the Debian developers
> would rather amputate their arms than alter the DFSG as needed, then
> perhaps it's time to share governance of the Debian Project with
> _users_.

	That'll be the day.

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