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Re: General Resolution: Handling of the non-free section: proposedBallot

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 02:16:42PM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Sorry, I don't believe that we're boxed in yet. Even meeting a brick 
> wall just means the route became very steep or longer. You mention 
> possible actions to fix it, which are hard, but that doesn't mean it's 
> not worth trying them. I think there are other possible ones, but you 
> dismissed them previously.

Hard and possibly illegal.

> >And having a separate non-free.org archive will only give these people
> >reason, and be a reversal for the proponent of non-free software.
> I don't understand this.

They would say : 

  why should i care about freing the code, since i can upload those
  binary only drivers to non-free.org, and all the users i care about
  will be able to use it, i have no intention to take care of a small
  minority who doesn't run x86.

They clearly said that nothing below 150 000 units monthly would be
worth of their notice.

Currently we have non-free, but we clearly state that it is something to
be shuned, and i guess most non-free maintainers are ashamed to work on
non-free stuff, and wish nothing more than freeing said code, or being
able to use a free alternative. At least those who trully believe in our
SC and on all what debian stands for do.

Now, if we have a officialy recognized and respected non-free.org, you
see how this will change.


Sven Luther

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