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Questions to candidates

Two questions.

Question 1, to Branden and Martin:

Reading over your platforms, I notice that they are very similar.  I
don't think this is a bad thing; I happen to agree quite strongly with
both of your assessments of productive roles the DPL can play in our
community.  Unfortunately, this means I find it difficult to rate one of
you over the other as candidates.  In your opinion, what are the factors
that differentiate you from the other as a candidate, either in terms of
your platform or of your abilities to achieve the stated goals?  What do
you each believe are your *weaknesses* compared to the other candidate?

Question 2, to Gergely:

Your platform clearly shows your creativity and sense of humor, two
traits I believe are important for someone called to be a problem-solver
for the project.  Why should I be dissuaded by threats of
tamagotchi-sitting when there's an ocean between me and it?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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