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Re: Questions to candidates

> Question 1, to Branden and Martin:

/me gets hissy and sad and stuff for being discriminated from a
question, and goes to his mommy to cry a little *weep-weep*

> Question 2, to Gergely:
> Your platform clearly shows your creativity and sense of humor, two
> traits I believe are important for someone called to be a problem-solver
> for the project.  Why should I be dissuaded by threats of
> tamagotchi-sitting when there's an ocean between me and it?

You don't know my tamagtochi. He is so big, that if he jumps, the earth
will shake, and the ocean will go up high in the sky (maybe so high that
it leaves the athmosphere and we'll have a nice ice-ring, wooo!), then
fall down and in a big splash, destroy all continents. Fortunately, he
can control himself, and can jump only a little.. Besides, being an
imaginary creature (in a sense, at least), he can do such evil stuff as
appearing in your dream and sitting on you while you sleep. From the
`Nightmare on Elm Street', we know this can be quite painful, if one
can't fully control his dreams.

I'd better be careful before underestimating the power of Yamm!

Gergely Nagy

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