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Re: Questions for the candidates

* Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2004-03-03 14:37]:
> Hrm, you're right. I was trying to find some quotes that indicated you
> both thought that, technically, things were acceptable as they are;
> Martin's comment doesn't quite indicate that out of context. The quotes
> were meant to indicate you were of a similar mind on that issue.

I am interested in improving technical matters, and my actions and
work for Debian clearly how that (for the example my QA work).  In any
case, while I didn't mention this explicitly, I consider dpkg a "core
team" as well (even if in a slightly different sense then the others
teams).  And as you can see from
some progress is slowly being made.  Also,
shows you that I am interested in organizing meetings between our KDE
maintainers and putting them in closer contact with upstream, and I
have done the same for our GNOME team, and the Java people.  All of
this is aimed towards improving the technical quality in Debian.

Please keep what I said about core teams in mind and re-read
"Internal - Core Teams, Delegates, Communication, Transparency".  Many
of the points I raise there equally apply to (big) packages and other
technical matters.
Martin Michlmayr

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