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A transition plan to fsf-linux.org

An easier route to make an ideologically pure Linux distribution, suitable for
endorsement by RMS and the FSF would be for the FSF, who already have machines
and infrastructure, to set up a Debian mirror which only contains main and
re-badge it as fsf-linux. There are quite a number of Debian based 
which have been set up by individuals in their spare time so I suspect they 
the manpower, especially since it can use all the Debian BTS, mailing lists 

By putting in a very small extra effort they could even copy selected items
(GDFL docs) out of non-free into their own fsf-free section.

I personally think that it is a mistake to try to cut users off from non-free
software by external diktat and that Debian gets it right by offering the 
to not have it in your apt sources. In the long run free software should win on
its technical merits.


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