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Re: summary of software licenses in non-free

> > If they fail our own guidelines for Free Software they are not free,
> > non-free.  Calling them semi-free suggest that they are not, which is wrong.
> > Calling them so is only sham and will contribute to confusion.
> tell me, is grey black or is it white?

It is non-white.

> PS: excluding the last sentence, what you say above is why i prefer the term
> 'almost-free' to 'semi-free' - "almost" is more perjorative than "semi", it has
> implications of failure, of inadequacy.

To me, "semi-free" means "about 50% free", while "almost-free" means
"close to 100% free" -- hence, I'd say "semi" is more perjorative
than "almost".


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