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Re: GR: Removal of non-free (with explanation)

On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 08:31:19AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > > > I anticipate that if this resolution passes, people will formulate
> > > > timetables and transition plans as appropriate;
> > > If it passes, non-free will be dropped, and the social contract will
> > > be amended. It might not happen within ten seconds, or even a week,
> > > but I wouldn't expect it to be delayed in time for transition plans to
> > > be developed, or new archives to be setup.
> > Sure, that could happen, but it's also possible that packages could be
> > removed from main abruptly and without any of these things. The GR
> > does not require this to happen, so you can blame the people
> > responsible if it happens and you don't like it, just like for
> > anything else.
> If it happens, and you don't like it, you can blame yourself for not making
> what you want clear before passing the GR. *shrug*

There is nothing that can be done before passing the GR that will
affect this. Decisions that are not part of the resolution have no
force, and a GR can't make technical decisions.

All that we can do is hope that the people in positions of
responsibility will behave responsibly, and replace them if they

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