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Re: GR: Removal of non-free

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 07:56:42PM +0000, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 19:54, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > I confess I have to wonder how many people who are inclined to vote
> > in favor of retaining non-free do so to preserve our users' access to
> > software that isn't actually in it.
> > 
> Depends whether the GFDL-in-main vote goes before or after the
> evict-non-free one :-)

I wasn't aware it was subject to a vote.  Historically, these
determinations have been made by rough consensus on debian-legal, but
the Release Manager has recently seen fit to overrule this process.

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