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Re: Another Non-Free Proposal

On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 08:49:21AM -0500, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2004, at 22:45, Raul Miller wrote:
> >That's the point of this vote, isn't it?  To get people to
> >stop putting any further effort into "non-free"?
> No. It's to get the Debian Project to stop supporting non-free software 
> on its servers.

The question isn't _what_ it's about, but what the point of it is --
what the goal is, what the achievement will be, what the aim is, _why_
this is worth doing.

> Another section of that document deal with how not sharing source code 
> is wrong. 

Note that many of the packages in non-free include their source
code. Indeed, many of the packages in non-free are considered "free"
by their authors, just not by Debian. In a similar fashion, the FSF
considers GFDL-licensed documentation "free", while Debian doesn't.

> Some of non-free is only non-free for, e.g., "no commercial use" in the 
> license. But a lot of it is non-free because it's quite proprietary: We 
> have no source, had we source we have no right to create derivative 
> works, etc.

So do you want to get rid of non-free, or do you want to get rid of
"immoral" software that doesn't let you modify its source? If the
latter, why do you want to drop support for non-free software that isn't
"immoral" too?

In any event, why do you wish to force your morals onto others -- by
forbidding them to maintain Debian's support for non-free software --
rather than informing them of the consequences, but letting them make
their own choices?

> >>>What about BTS?
> >>Gnome used to use debbugs, though maybe they have switched to Bugzilla
> >>now.
> >Gnome is in main.
> I'm aware of that. I just used them as an example of someone outside 
> the project who has managed to set up and use debbugs.

Well, strictly speaking Gnome never had a great deal of success with
debbugs, and eventually switched to a modified Bugzilla in order to get
something that was actually useful. Subsequently debbugs has advanced to
deal with some of the problems Gnome had with it, but it's also become
less reusable in that period. KDE also used to use debbugs, and has also
since switched to Bugzilla. I'm not aware of their reasoning for that.


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