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Re: Another Non-Free Proposal

On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 03:00:50PM -0500, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> I am not a DD (yet), and this is not a GR proposal (yet). However, I'm 
> requesting comments on it, and maybe it'll be more tenable to people 
> more reluctant to remove non-free.
> Whereas,
> 	the Debian Project exists to create a distribution of free software;
> 	many Developers do not consider it moral or equitable to provide,
> 	freely, our project's resources to projects who are unwilling or
> 	unable to provide their code freely to the public;
> 	the importance of non-free software has greatly decreased since the
> 	founding of the project; and
> 	outside groups have been quite able to provide well-integrated
> 	software no harder to obtain than that from Debian's own mirror
> 	network:
> It is resolved that,
> 	After the release of Sarge, Debian shall not continue to include
> 	non-free in "testing" or "unstable." Sarge shall be the last
> 	release of Debian to include a non-free section. We will continue
> 	to support the non-free section of Sarge for as long as the free
> 	section of it. People who still require non-free software after
> 	that are encouraged to set up their own distribution network for
> 	it.
> To effect this, a new version of the Social Contract with only clauses 
> 1 through 4 is hereby issued.

Good grief, could you have made it any more unreadable? I thought I
already demonstrated that you could do it in about five lines and in
plain English. What's with the simulation of a 19th century

I don't see the point in doing this now. If my proposed resolution
doesn't go through, then we can and should merely vote on it again
every few years, for as long as there is reason to think that a
significant body of developers would like to see non-free gone.

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