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Re: GR: Removal of non-free

#include <hallo.h>
* Andrew Suffield [Wed, Dec 24 2003, 08:43:11PM]:

> This conflicts with the Social Contract as it currently stands. I am
> aware of this and I do not care; we can fix the Social Contract
> later. This probably prevents us from *acting* on this resolution
> until after the Social Contract has been modified (which I intend to

The conflict is quite comparable with the definition of anorexia
nervosa. Know that there is no over-weight but feeling the stupid
psychological impulses to remove more, and more, and more. The next
thing on your list will become non-free, then every free software that
is not GPL-compatible in RMS' terms, and what is coming as next,
complete extinction for the sake of some free software dream?

Why don't you fix actual problems instead of fighting the windmills?

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die Frau. Der König muß doch wenigstens bedenken und unterschreiben.
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		-- Jean Paul

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