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Re: Don't allow ranking of options equal to default?

On Tue, 27 May 2003 14:02:19 -0400, Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> said: 

> I've been trying to construct an example of perverse results of the
> sort I want (where A beats D, B beats D, A beats B, and B wins
> because of quorum).  All the correct examples (which I can find,
> anyway) depend on ranking options equal to the default option.

	Do all these perverse cases also require less than 2Q votes to
 be cast? 

> Perhaps ranking something equal to the default option *should* be
> prohibited, as suggested by Sven Luther.  (What does "equal" mean
> anyway, if above is construed as "acceptable" and below is construed
> as "unacceptable"?  Does it mean "I haven't been paying attention to
> what this option is?" or what?)

	I see some value in it. Suppose I like A, enough to want A to
 win, but do not feel too strongly about that. I certainly do not want
 B to win; by I am really indifferent to C winning, if C can get the
 required support from my fellow developers (I trust my fellow
 developers, perhaps they have seen things in option C i did not).
 A = 1;
 B = 4;
 C = 2;
 D = 2; <default>

	I would see more value in allowing the voters to express this
 kind of preference to worrying about very improbable corner cases
 (low interest; and a ties in the results). Indeed, the perverse cases
 seem to arise only when hardly anyopne is interested in the result,
 and the options available all seem to be nominally tied; and our tie
 breaking porocess is the one that is not stable.

	If you would be kind enough to present these cases to us, I
 would be better able to judge if my predilection to being liberal in
 allowing people to voice their preference over a few corner cases
 bears up to scrutiny. 

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