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Don't allow ranking of options equal to default? (was Re: better quorum change proposal, with justification)

Anthony Towns said:
If you meant:
	19x DAB
	19x ABD
	 1x BDA
This is indeed what I meant. :-(  Sorry.

Note that without quorum, A is dropped any way, since it doesn't defeat
the default option by its majority requirement, and B wins then too. The
way the proposal is constructed, the elector with a casting vote can
never choose to void the election if any options are acceptable.

Good point there.  :-)  That voids my argument in that case.

I've been trying to construct an example of perverse results of the sort I want (where A beats D, B beats D, A beats B, and B wins because of quorum). All the correct examples (which I can find, anyway) depend on ranking options equal to the default option.

Perhaps ranking something equal to the default option *should* be prohibited, as suggested by Sven Luther. (What does "equal" mean anyway, if above is construed as "acceptable" and below is construed as "unacceptable"? Does it mean "I haven't been paying attention to what this option is?" or what?)


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