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Re: integrity of elections

> And why do you think this should be allowed?

Because they are a part of the debian community, and probably have a
reasonable understanding of debian politics.

> I think we should investigate why they are so long
> in the queue, but giving them voting rights per se is not
> a good idea IMHO, as someone else already said, they could actually
> face an rejection, and in that case they should obviously not be
> allowed to vote.

Im not suggesting its ok that people remain in the queue for 6 months,
fixing NM is a different problem.

If they havent been rejected in 6 months then they must be a borderline
case, if we give them some more rights then it could help the DAM to
make a decision.

But as it requires a vote its a mute point.

According to http://www.debian.org/vote/ the last non-election vote that
completed was in June 1999, almost 4 years ago. And there has only ever
been 4 items voted on, 1 on the constitution, and 3 about the logo.

When is the new voting scheme going to adopted ?


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