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Re: [Moshe Zadka <m@moshez.org>] Independent Count

Martin Schulze wrote (publically to Moshe Zadka):

If you can't trust Manoj, who else can you trust in this project?

And do you really believe that people want you as DPL when you are
apparently unable to compress an IRC log to the relevant "offensive"
messages, but send a 300 lines IRC logfile instead?

Er, in fairness to Moshe, the impression I got from reading the 300 lines of IRC logfile was that the log was added, unedited, by Manoj.

The log includes comments from Moshe that he had already emailed the DPL, inquiries from Manoj about the legitimacy of posting #debian-devel IRC logs to the lists (in case the policy was that it was private, like debian-private email list email), and Manoj stating that he wasn't going to let the accusations of impartiality stand without the evidence of where they came from, and statements from Moshe that he was going to summarize the IRC log.

I have not seen Moshe's summary yet, though.



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