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Re: Vote of a former candidate

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 02:37:00AM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:
> > On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 10:49:06PM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> >> Again, no need to be DPL to request news from delegates.
> >
> > You might, however, need to be DPL to get an answer.
> You're bound not to get an answer if you never try...
> For the record: Bdale and Martin have both talked to me as a
> "delegate", Branden and Moshez haven't.

As a developer, I talk to you as a delegate everytime you and I have a
conversation about DAM stuff, or system administration, or archive
administration, or keyring maintenance (it is seldom that I actually
have demands to make of you in these areas, though).  In what other
capacity should I be dealing with you, "officially"?

I've been reluctant to do "pre-interviews" with any Project delegates
for a couple of reasons:
  1) I'm not the DPL and it's not my place to assume that role before I
     have it.  It is not my practice to take anything for granted,
     including the outcome of this year's election.  If I am elected,
     you can expect to hear me speak with a "DPL hat" on; but not before
     then.  There is a difference between exhibiting the qualities of
     leadership and pretending to the throne.
  2) While I came in second behind Bdale in last year's election, I do
     not feel that entitled be to act as some sort of "shadow DPL" on
     behalf of the people who voted for me.  Debian is not a two-party
     system.  Bdale was duly elected DPL, I recognize that, and I have
     not in any way tried to undermine his legitimacy or effectiveness,
     whether overtly or through clandestine action.  He has not asked
     for my assistance, though I have offered it on a couple of

By the way, I note that you put the term "delegate" in quotes when
referring to yourself.  Do you feel that you *are* actually a delegate
of the DPL under the Constitution?  If not, why not, and should this
fact change?

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