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Re: Vote of a former candidate

Le Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 01:15:10PM -0600, Graham Wilson écrivait:
> but i think it would be good for their responsibilities to be
> communicated clearly with the rest of the project.

Sure. But you don't need to be DPL to do that.

> > If you plan to create new delegations, then it may make some sense.
> i think that branden does, as this is one of the main features of his
> platform.

Well, when I asked him which one he planned to create, he responded
"Yes, I'd create new delegates anywhere they are needed, and anywhere
there appear be both insufficient personnel to do the job at present,
and qualified volunteers to fill the positions."

His answer doesn't satisfy me. It means that he has currently no
idea of which new delegates are needed but that we should trust him
because he will find the right delegations to create after beeing

> that is not so easy to get to. go to www.d.o; click on about; scroll
> down to "Who are all you anyway?"; click on organized structure.

Do we need to be DPL to change the website ? :-)

> also, some of the information seems outdated. is joey really a dam?

He has been in the past... but you're probably right :

hertzog@master:~$ getent group newmaint

So file a bug against www.debian.org and correct the information. :-)

> i enjoy reading the summaries that people send to d-d-a, but i would
> enjoy more reading more summaries. it seems to me that branden would try
> to get delegates to publish updates more often.

Again, no need to be DPL to request news from delegates. But you're
right that the leader should show the example ... 

> since branden says that he will be talking to delegates if he gets
> elected, wouldnt he be in a position to do this? branden?


Do you really want us to release with an outdated XFree ? ;-)

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