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Vote of a former candidate


since several people sollicited me to represent myself this year and
since I didn't want to run again for DPL, I'd like to make my vote
public. That way people who voted for me last year can decide to follow
my vote if they don't have any other strong opinion about the

My vote will be :
1. Martin Michlmayr
2. Bdale Garbee
3. None of the above

Just a short explanation : I have worked with Martin Michlmayr on
various QA tasks, I met him at Brussels during the FOSDEM, and I'm
convinced that his approach of the DPL work is the more adapted
to Debian's way of doing things. Bdale is not a bad choice, he's doing
wonders to represent Debian everywhere in the world but I have been
disappointed by its lack of visible work on internal things (which
doesn't mean that he hasn't done some things ... just that they were
hidden from the average developer). While Branden improved much
his behavior during the last year, I think he expects too much from the
delegation mechanism ... the failure of the technical committee shows
that giving official titles to people doesn't make them work on what
they are supposed to do. Concerning Moshe, I don't share his view about
the DPL. I want an active and visible DPL inside Debian as well as

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