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Questions for the Debate

Here are a list of questions I, personally, wish to be asked during the
debate, and would be interested in hearing my rivals' answers:

* What is your vote for the coming DPL elections going to look like? Why?
* What is the most important act that a (former or current) DPL has done
  while in office, which could not have been done without him being DPL?
* If you are elected, what do you think is the most important act you can
  do as DPL, which requires you to be DPL?
* What, in your opinion is the biggest problem with Debian, currently, that
  a DPL can solve? What is your intended solution?
* Do you think more people will listen to you when if are elected DPL? Why?
* What is your stance on General Resolutions? When should they be used?

I have specifically chosen to mail them publically, so there will not be
the appearance of unfairness in the debate -- if these questions are chosen,
all candidates will have had enough time to think about their actions.

Moshe Zadka -- http://moshez.org/
Buffy: I don't like you hanging out with someone that... short.
Riley: Yeah, a lot of young people nowadays are experimenting with shortness.

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