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Re: Questions for the Debate

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 08:53:16AM -0000, Moshe Zadka wrote:
> Here are a list of questions I, personally, wish to be asked during the
> debate, and would be interested in hearing my rivals' answers:
> * What is your vote for the coming DPL elections going to look like? Why?

That depends on whether or not there is a strategic advantage in marking
all the other candidates below "None of the Above".  (At least one
successful DPL candidate has voted this way in the past -- we know this
thanks to Raul Miller.  :) )

I can't recall right now if there *is* such a strategic advantage, so
I'll leave that question open for the Debian's-current-election-method

> * What is the most important act that a (former or current) DPL has done
>   while in office, which could not have been done without him being DPL?

Ian Jackson's promulgation of the Debian Constitution.  It's possible it
could still have been done without him as DPL, but I think the road was
much smoothed by his use of that position for achieiving that goal.

> * If you are elected, what do you think is the most important act you can
>   do as DPL, which requires you to be DPL?

Fulfill the potential of the delegation system.

> * What, in your opinion is the biggest problem with Debian, currently, that
>   a DPL can solve? What is your intended solution?

A lack of transparency in certain infrastructural issues.  Some people,
developers as well as users, get very frustrated because there is no
way to find out why some things are happening the way they are.  Some
important stuff just isn't made public knowledge, or even posted to

My platform contains specific proposals for addressing this problem.

> * Do you think more people will listen to you when if are elected DPL? Why?

(I note this isn't the same thing as asking, "Do you think people will
lend your opinons more weight if you are elected DPL?")

Yes, I think more people will listen, because I'll be reaching a wider
audience.  More people solicit the attention of the DPL than they do the
typical developer.  Therefore, if I am responsive, more people will hear

> * What is your stance on General Resolutions? When should they be used?

I believe I addressed this question in my platform; see "Refereeing
internal disputes" under "Other Issues".

Thanks a lot for your questions!  I hope my answers have shed some

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