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Re: Platform for DPL election

Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

>    After joining Debian, I decided to help out with the [2]New
>    Maintainer (NM) process. I became an Application Manager (AM) and
>    helped many people interested in Debian join the project. I have
>    been a very successful AM, completing more than 100 and rejecting
>    more than 50 applications. Later, I joined the Front Desk and
>    since then have helped to coordinate the NM process. I assign
>    applicants to AMs, make sure that their application process is
>    going smoothly and act as a bridge between applicants, AMs and
>    the Debian Account Manager (DAM).

That's a really dreadful rate.  It makes me wonder if a system where
debian developers propose new candidates who have already found a way
to get involved in some fashion wouldn't be a possibility worth
discussing.  That statistic made me curious, and I went and had a look
at the mailing list.  Looks like a lot of people's time, and... yuck,
people google for your name and find "Reject" next to it.  Kind of an
ugly thing, even though most of those people are only guilty of either
misjudging their available time, or flaking out.  Why should people
who flake out even get any attention?

Maybe it's a bad idea, but "applicant, advocate, sponsor, committee,
manager, etc" makes me think I have stumbled into some government
office where I have to fill out Form W2 1024D...

Just a few thoughts,
David N. Welton
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