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Re: Platform for DPL election

Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

Thankyou very much for your long post, Martin.  I didn't know much
about you before reading it, and I must say that I think you merit
serious consideration as a candidate.  I like a lot of what you have
to say.

>    Bruce-Perens-style management

A great deal of the good things about this project are due to Bruce
Perens.  He was very involved, he cared a lot, and it showed.  He left
in a huff, and a lot of people remember that, but he did a lot of good
things, too.  I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing some of that leadership
style back in Debian.  I would like to see someone lead by picking a
direction and going there, not by trying to run ahead of the herd but
looking back to see where the herd is headed.  Don't worry about doing
stupid stuff and going the wrong way - we'll let you know - vocally;-)

David N. Welton
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