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Re: Questions for all candidates

#include <hallo.h>
* Raphael Hertzog [Thu, Feb 27 2003, 10:04:08PM]:
> I've had debian-admin refusing to create me a CVS repository because
> it's too much work for them and I should better wait for
> the Debian Sourceforge (codenamed alioth.debian.org). And they have been
> refusing to create CVS repositories for several months because of that.
> I replied that creating a repository is a 10 minute work and that they
> should consider appoint new people if they can't take 10 minute for
> helping DebianEdu which needs this repository. And I said too much ...
> I was faced with an answer like I presented above.

Same here - when I asked to have for the debian-desktop repository - the
answer was that the new repository server will be set up, soon, and
having all repositories there is A MUST, we have to wait for it, it will
be ready soon. Wiggy is working on it. Everyone pointed to Wiggy and
Wiggy ignored my mails, and my complaints about broken logics (that you
describe above) either landed in /dev/null or with comments like that
logics is okay and I should fix mine. Well, how should we make any
progress with a such attitude of some core admins?

Röhrt's im Haus mit viel Getucker, ist es wohl ein Nadeldrucker.

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