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Questions for all candidates


since I had no specific questions for Moshe, I thought that I could do a
common questionnaire so that he also has something to answer. :-)

This is a simple questionnaire. You can answer like you want. Cross
as many boxes as needed ... but try to keep the answers logical. Feel
free to justify your choices.

1. master.debian.org is still running potato. What do you think about
   that ?

 [ ] The debian admins should be blamed
 [ ] They must have good reasons to not have upgraded
 [ ] Nothing, i have to ask some explanations first
 [ ] What's the problem exactly ?

2. If you're regularly in contact with debian-admin or ftpmasters or
some other important team, you will have faced rejection of ideas or
requests, and if you criticize them because of that, you may get an
answer like "bingo, I'll never do anything for you in the upcoming
year". What do you think about such an answer ?

 [ ] Heh ... looks like a power trip, but forgive them, they never do
     what they say.
 [ ] I need to bring new blood in some teams to prevent those power
 [ ] They're right, you only deserve to be flamed ... you keep asking
     stupid things.
 [ ] Who did say that ? I'm going to punish him as soon as I'm elected.

3. We'd better release :

 [ ] twice a year
 [ ] once a year
 [ ] every two years
 [ ] always, we just throw stable away and keep a slightly modified
     testing as official stable

4. The DAM is :

 [ ] a critical part of our infrastructure
 [ ] guilty of not rejecting people when they deserve to be
 [ ] guilty of doing everything behind the back leaving everyone
     in the ignorance
 [ ] elmo, a cool guy when you know how to discuss with him

5. The ftpmasters are :

 [ ] a good team, other teams should take them as model
 [ ] annoying guys who ask you to clarify a license even when it's
     quite clear already
 [ ] busy guys who take too long to add a package in the archive
 [ ] too powerful, refusing to add some packages when
     the license was ok (example: apt-i18n a few months ago) is a

Ok, I'm tired, I'm sure I could have find dozen of other questions like
those five ... but I'll let other people continue with questions like
that if they like it.

BTW, nobody should be offended by my questions. They are of course
inspired by my experience within Debian but my questions are not
vindicatory against anyone. I'm already used to how things happen in
Debian... :-)

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://www.ouaza.com
Formation Linux et logiciel libre : http://www.logidee.com

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