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Re: Questions for all candidates

hertzog@debian.org (Raphael Hertzog) writes:

> 1. master.debian.org is still running potato. What do you think about
>    that ?

As long as we continue to support security updates for potato, I'm not 
concerned about it.

> 2. If you're regularly in contact with debian-admin or ftpmasters or
> some other important team, you will have faced rejection of ideas or
> requests, and if you criticize them because of that, you may get an
> answer like "bingo, I'll never do anything for you in the upcoming
> year". What do you think about such an answer ?

Actually, that hasn't been my experience at all.  I've had our listmasters
tell me there was a better way to do something than what I was asking for,
I've done stupid things on debian.org machines that someone in the admin team
had to come clean up, and I've uploaded packages that our ftpmasters bounced
because I'd missed something in a license or done something else weird.  I
don't ever recall feeling that I had been treated worse than I deserved.

> 3. We'd better release :

The first priority of our releases should always be quality, and not schedule.

Having said that, I talked about "release predictability" last year in my
platform, and after many conversations with many different people inside and
outside the project in the last year, my personal opinion is that we should
try to release a new stable version about once a year. 

> 4. The DAM is :

James Troup.

I regret that I have not yet met James in person... but I talk to him fairly 
regularly on IRC and occasionally via email, and find him quite reasonable 
to discuss things with.  He does an amazing amount of good work for Debian 
behind the scenes.


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