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Re: DPL live debate (candidates, read this)

tbm@cyrius.com (Martin Michlmayr) writes:

> * Sven Luther <luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> [2003-02-26 11:43]:
>> Saturday night would be best i think, 0000 UTC makes it hard for most
>> people in europe (that would be 0100 on sunday morning, ending at 0200
>> or so).
> I'd prefer 2200 UTC as well, but I also mentioned 0000 because of
> Branden.  In fact, I think Bdale is even more west... but if 2200 UTC
> is fine for him, I'd be happy (I'd prefer 2200 to 0000 anyway because
> I'd like to go to the beach after the IRC session :-) ).

Anything during daylight hours on Saturday in the US Mountain timezone, which
is currently -7 hours from UTC, is a problem for me due to family commitments.


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