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Re: DPL live debate (candidates, read this)

On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 01:20:02AM -0500, David B Harris wrote:
> Evening, all :)
> Could the candidates please give us a rundown of what time of day
> (generally speaking, and in UTC please) would be best for them, for the
> live portion of the DPL debate?
> If you'd like to also point out some upcoming dates where you're
> more-or-less free, that would be great.

Adam Heath tells me he'll be leaving on Friday morning (U.S. time), so
the debate needs to be held before then).

Weekday evenings GMT-0500 are good for me.  This means, say 0000-0400 or
so UTC.  That would be early Thursday for Friday morning UTC.

I can make myself available at other times if need be.

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