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Re: Dec 15 voting amendment draft

Sorry for coming in late:

On 05-Feb-03, 13:25 (CST), Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote: 
>    A.6 Vote Counting
>      2. If the ballot has a quorum requirement (Q) any options other
>         than the default option which do not receive at least Q votes
>         ranking that option above the default option are dropped from
>         consideration.

It was pointed out in an earlier draft thread that Q and quorum are
not the same - Q is a number defined earlier (4.2.7), while the quorum
depends on the type of vote, and is frequently a multiple of Q. While
A.6.2 could be read as *defining* Q to be the quorum requirement,
it could also be read as defining the quorum requirement to be the
previously defined value of Q.


Steve Greenland
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