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Re: Question regarding Raphael's platform

thom@debian.org (Thom May) writes:

> 1) What resources do you feel that debian could provide to its developers to
> allow them to work more productively on their packages and other debian
> specific work?

Ben Collins makes a good point about the value of trying to make it easier 
for each developer to have an "at-a-glance" view of the status of their work 
for the project. 

There's an implication in your question that I'm not comfortable with, though.
I don't want to pounce on you personally Thom for what may just have been a 
quick choice of words, but let me use this as an excuse to make a point that
I think is important.

When you say "that debian could provide to its developers", there is an 
implication that Debian is somehow something different than its developers.  
We're all in this together, and what Debian has is no more and no less than 
what we have managed to build.  Our resources are what we have managed to 
procure through donations and otherwise.  I'd be a lot more comfortable with
a question phrased more like "what resources should we develop and provide 
for ourselves to make it easier to contribute to Debian?"  

> 2) Do you feel the sourceforge-for-debian proposal is a viable one given
> debian's limited resources and the already busy nature of our sys admin
> team? (mostly for Bdale and Branden)

I have the same problem with this question.  If there are enough people who 
think a sourceforge-for-debian proposal is sufficiently exciting to want to 
work on it, it will happen.  If the people proposing this don't intend to work
on it but expect "someone else" (like our existing admin team) to build it 
for them, it probably won't happen.  


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