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Re: Question regarding Raphael's platform


Le Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 10:59:45PM +0000, Thom May écrivait:
> 1) What resources do you feel that debian could provide to its developers to
> allow them to work more productively on their packages and other debian
> specific work?

Well, this is not at all related to sourceforge ... SF for Debian is not
SF for all debian packages. It's just SF for the developers' free
software projects and for some Debian-specific projects that we wish to
share widely with the outside world and for projects where we may need many
external contributions (documentation).

As for resources for DD, someone started a developer portal, I wish
it could be finished, maybe by reusing Colin Walters' work of getting
all Debian information accessible through Corba.

I'd also like to have a package portal, see my "Extension to the PTS"
item in my platform.

> 2) Do you feel the sourceforge-for-debian proposal is a viable one given
> debian's limited resources and the already busy nature of our sys admin
> team? (mostly for Bdale and Branden)

Yes, we can have specific sys-admin for SF for Debian if required.

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