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Re: Comments for Raphaël: SF, ping MIAM,


Le Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 04:15:32PM -0600, Aaron Swartz écrivait:
> I think that having a SourceForge style site is great, but I'm not sure that
> using the SourceForge code is the best way to go. This wasn't so clear in
> your platform. (1.1)

I'm ready to go with any working code. SF is ready, what else is
available and working well ?

> I'd like to contribute something back to the Debian community (even though I
> am not yet an official Debian Developer) and some of your projects do not
> sound very difficult.

Indeed !

> not know what "echelon's information" is. If you'd like to get back to me

Echelon information is part of db.debian.org, it's a system that keeps
track of when each maintainer has been last seen within Debian (the
system follows most of the mailing lists and in particular
debian-devel-changes where each upload generates a mail from the
maintainer ...). You will never be able to get this information and/or
to test any code for that part if you're not DD ...

> with more information on this, I'd be happy to help out. (1.2)

I have noted your name, I'll come back to you later when we'll start
working on this, you can also subscribe to debian-qa@lists.debian.org
since that's where this stuff will be discussed and implemented.

> I believe that to better recruit people for adopting packages, we should
> keep track of the skills needed for maintaining each package. For example,
> I've had experience in Python programming, so I'd be willing to pick up a
> few packages written in Python. I believe this will make it easier for
> prospective maintainers who don't want to wade thru the whole list. (1.3)

I don't agree with you. I'm not looking for volunteers who'll take over 
the packages because they just happen to know the language used to wrote
the program. I'm looking for people *interested* by the package, that's
why I want to look with the upstream mailing lists and so on.

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