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Comments for Raphaël: SF, ping MIAM,

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I really like your ideas for DPL, and I encourage you to see them thru even
if you are not elected. Some comments:

I think that having a SourceForge style site is great, but I'm not sure that
using the SourceForge code is the best way to go. This wasn't so clear in
your platform. (1.1)

I'd like to contribute something back to the Debian community (even though I
am not yet an official Debian Developer) and some of your projects do not
sound very difficult.

I'd be willing to write a program to contact MIA maintainers, although I do
not know what "echelon's information" is. If you'd like to get back to me
with more information on this, I'd be happy to help out. (1.2)

I believe that to better recruit people for adopting packages, we should
keep track of the skills needed for maintaining each package. For example,
I've had experience in Python programming, so I'd be willing to pick up a
few packages written in Python. I believe this will make it easier for
prospective maintainers who don't want to wade thru the whole list. (1.3)

I really like idea of an activity.debian.org, and would be willing to help
build parts of it. I think that if RSS feeds (an XML language for news
items) could be generated by the various information sources, building an
integrated should be easy. (1.8)

All the best,
[ "Aaron Swartz" ; <mailto:me@aaronsw.com> ; <http://www.aaronsw.com/> ]

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