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Re: Question to Bdale

Nicolas.Sabouret@limsi.fr (Nicolas SABOURET) writes:

> As a consequence to this new job, you are "now more able to attend and
> speak at Linux and related technical conferences than before" (cit.). As
> far as I understand, this means that you attend these conferences more
> as a HP member than as a Debian member.

Both, actually.  

I think it's worth noting that Branden works for Progeny, another company that
cares about Debian but which may also have objectives different from Debian. 
Raphael indicates that he hopes to find a job once he graduates working for a 
Debian-friendly company, presumably in France.  And some of our previous DPL's
held jobs with companies in the industry while serving.  I don't recall any 
expressions of concern about conflict of interest, or any sense of confusion 
when the DPL spoke about whether they were speaking for Debian or someone 
else.  So, I really don't think this is a problem.

While I don't mind being called out for this question since I mentioned my 
new job explicitly in my platform posting, if this is a topic you are 
concerned about, perhaps you should ask all of us?

> I'd like you to explain more precisely how you seperate these two
> aspects, especially in your talks (if you perform any), so as not to
> make people confuse the DPL and the HP scientist.

Hmmm.  I think those who have met me in person or heard me speak would attest
that I do a pretty good job of making it clear when I'm speaking for HP and
when I'm not.  But let's make this easy.  If elected DPL, I promise to always
begin any public talks I give while DPL by unambiguously indicating whether I
am speaking on behalf of Debian, my employer, or something else entirely.


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