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Re: Questions for the candidates


Le Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 09:42:55PM +0100, Cord Beermann écrivait:
> Raphael: You mentioned that you will finish your studies in summer.
>   How can you guarantee that you have the time to be DPL after that?

Well, I can't guarantee it. But AFAIK, all previous leaders were
"employed" and had the time anyway. And you know, the studies also
take time ... and I still find time for Debian. :-)

Anyway, if I'm elected, it will be easier for me to find a job where
I have the right to spend time on Debian. We have in France several
companies dedicated to free software and it's perfectly possible to find
a job in that area. Be sure that I'll make all the required efforts to
have as much time as necessary for the DPL job. And if there are
things that I can't manage I'll appoint new delegates for specific

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