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Re: Opinions on crypto-in-main


I'll reply to this question since the nomination period is over now and
since you seem to be interested by the opinion of the candidates despite 
of the other responses you already received.

Le Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 12:19:30AM -0800, Thomas Bushnell, BSG écrivait:
> 1) Do you think we have all the legal advice necessary to begin
>    implementing the crypto-in-main transition?  If not, what would you
>    do to secure what more legal advice you think is needed?

I believe that this problem has been treated in a very professionnal
manner. I wasn't part of the little team lead by Sam Hartmans (and in
general I don't follow debian-legal@l.d.o even if it's an important
topic, it's not really the kind of things that interests me) so I can't
say much more. But the document sent to the lawyers was well written
and covered everything required AFAIK, so I'm confident for the future.

> 2) Do you believe crypto-in-main is an important goal?  Why or why
>    not?

Yes, because integrating all the SSL stuff in the main packages (and
thus gettind rid off the *-ssl copies) is great and because it's a pity
to have to move to non-US packages like libdbd-pg-perl (I maintain it
that's why I'm taking it as an example) just because postgresql has
some crypto stuff enabled in it.

> 3) Barring unforeseen difficulties, would you push to have the
>    crypto-in-main transition done during this year?

Yes, of course.

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