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Re: [PROPOSED] Michael Bramer must stop spamming or be expelled

On Oct 04, Branden Robinson wrote:
> I propose that Michael Bramer be ordered to stop sending automated mails
> to other developers (regarding the DDTS or any other subject).

I offer the following in nature of a substitute:

I propose that Debian developers make reasonable efforts to resolve
disputes off-list before proposing general resolutions of a personal
nature.  I further propose that Debian developers who do not follow
this procedure have the entire contents of Emily Post's "Modern
Etiquette," version 2 or later, permanently imprinted into their
brains, said procedure to take place as soon as technology is widely
available to do so.

I also propose that developers make reasonable efforts to avoid
sending unsolicited email to other developers, particularly when the
email is generated by an automated process.  Nothing in this paragraph
shall preclude the sending of bug reports to the Debian bug tracking
system or the use of project mailing lists to disseminate information
of interest to multiple developers subscribed to said lists.

Finally, I propose that people lighten up.  To this end, I propose
that Rodney King be hired by the project in the capacity of "person
who should say, 'Can't we all just get along.'" in the event of people
not lightening up.  Mr. King will be given a monthly salary of no less
than $1.00 per outstanding bug report of severity "normal" or higher
in all packages of priority "standard" or higher, pro rata for every
day his services are required.  In the event Mr. King is unavailable,
the DPL or his designee will be empowered to exercise said power
without compensation.  Mr. King or his substitute may exercise said
power by any form of interpersonal communication desired.  Mr. King's
role may also be fulfilled by a bot on the IRC channel #debian-devel,
again without compensation beyond necessary random access memory and
processor cycles.  Finally, in no event shall anyone who has ever
posted a procmail recipe to debian-devel exercise said power.

Seconds? :-)

Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/

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