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Re: Some questions for the DPL candidates

> This is probably off-topic for -vote, but what the hell.  Educate your
> candidates.

OK, the candidate gives me permission for one more off-topic message ;-)
> What specifically does mpg321 not do?  All I really need it to do is play
> back the file from start to finish, and accept any valid file in the
> format.

Better yet, since the mp3 format is not Free due to patents, etc, use ogg
vorbis - "apt-get install vorbis-tools libvorbis0" (in unstable.)  They're
totally patent free, the files are smaller (and sound as good IMHO, and
others HOs), and soon there will even be hardware support for them.  There
are also plugins for most major players (including WinAmp)...

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