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Re: how to be a rude bastard? emulate brandon robinson. (was Re: Lets speak about freeness, ...)

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 04:17:38AM +1000, Edward C. Lang wrote:
> Damn, we really enjoy shooting our own (and other's) feet, don't we?
> Cas, I really think you've lost it. Branden, do you have to be so
> pigheaded so as to piss off others with your personal demands? We are a
> fucking _team_. We are supposed to work together for the common good and
> advancemeny of Debian. Why must we argue about (imo) such trivial
> matters like quoting ettiquette?

that was my point.

he quoted me, without my permission, in an obvious attempt to discredit
me in the ongoing argument about non-DFSG zealotry by quoting a typo out
of context.

i informed him that he did not have my permission to quote me, that it
was a typing mistake, and that he should stop.

anyone but a rude bastard would comply with such a request, and in
fact i thought he had done so...but nearly a month later he decides
to quibble about it and make ridiculous legalistic arguments about
copyright laws and other irrelevancies. in other words, he has gone out
of his way to revive a dead-and-buried sub-thread for no other purpose
than to be obnoxious. 

if i have "lost it" (and i concede that i did, last night when i
read his message) then it is because such pig-headed behaviour is


craig sanders

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